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Archive for May 2008

It Pays To Discover – (and write about) regulatory issues

May 30, 2008

Last week, I was headed out the door to the beach when I received a call from a restricted number on my cell phone. “Hello, this is David Nelms from Discover Financial,” the voice said. With a million things on my mind, I figured that it was in response to a recent customer service call. […]

Why Recession is Needed: A Bentley in Every Driveway

May 26, 2008

Over the holiday weekend, I spent time at a nearby beach resort. Over the years I’ve seen this resort turn from a family oriented spot for working class multi-generational families to vacation, to just one more over priced, over developed beach front community for people to show off their cars, boats, and other flashy assets […]

College Attendance Motivators

May 15, 2008

Next week I will be speaking to business students at a local university on the topic of entrepreneurship. From time to time I’ve had the honor of being asked to speak at this university, and every time I end up learning a lot from the class. About a year ago, I decided to be proactive […]

Disruptive Healing

May 12, 2008

Early last year, I was given an opportunity to broker the Series C funding of a medical devices company. It was the largest deal I’ve ever worked on and even though the deal fell through in the 11th hour, it provided for an amazing learning experience and I’ve spent much time replaying the situation in […]