JJ Astor on Business
Winning in the future, with a nod to the past.

About this blog

About JJ Astor

John Jacob Astor (1763 -1848), was probably the most successful entrepreneur in early American history. He had businesses in fur trading, real estate investment, opium trading, and most importantly, he created the country’s first trust.

About me

I am a twenty something serial entrepreneur, currently involved with a software startup, but I am also involved with several other companies as either an advisor/owner, or consultant. I started my first business when I was fifteen, and ever since I have been truly lucky to work with many intelligent and successful people in startups in a variety of industries. I have a strong interest in history (particularly business history), collecting and reading rare business books, business strategy, politics, philosophy, and psychology. I consider myself an autodidact, and have no formal education in any of the above areas. I strongly believe that the lessons of the past (especially the distant past) are completely overlooked by the business community today, and as such, I hope to prove via my posts that many of these lessons are not only valuable, but still remain relevant today.

Thank you for your interest!


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